Love and Hip Hop NYC-Recap

This season of Love and Hip Hop NYC wasn’t as exciting as last season, but I can say it was definitely entertaining. I myself am a reality t.v addict, especially when it comes down to somebody else’s drama. Mona Scott Young has done a terrific job at identifying ratchet; I’ve never used that word until the Love and Hip Hop evolution came about.lhhny-season-3-520x600

In Season 3, Yandy took the crown and definitely reigned on the throne showing that you can be a lady in this industry and not get consumed with the lifestyle and drama. Family was a core message in her story as it hit reality to many woman holding it down while her man’s in jail. Mendeecees was cool, and he seemed like a good dude and a perfect fit for Yandy.  Clearly Mendeecees was pulling weight back in the day, the way those charges are pending, only a mouse could get away with that.

Tahiry I was quite disappointed with. I saw so much hurt and devastation anytime she talked about Joe, but yet you go back to the same person who tore you down. Sad to say, like many woman today, when you don’t have an identity and you invest your life in a man, it is truly hard to move forward because of the fear of being alone. Whether or not Joey is going to change, we will see, but Tahiry,  hunny you gave it up to easy; treat him like y’all just met. Kaylin was so naive  I saw this coming. Don’t let the dog off the leash, he will roam in someone else’s yard.

I was REALLY disgusted at Rich. As a man, I don’t care how hurt you are by a woman, let alone your “girlfriend,” setting her up for humiliation and trying to strip her of her self-esteem just because your ego is bruised is not cool. I get it, she ratchet and all the other names she was called, but she’s still a woman. And to use one woman to hurt another is completely asinine.

The rest of the crew was cool, and not much to talk about. Rasheeda could really tone it down a bit and not be so aggressive. People talk, that’s what we do. If you got into a fight every time someone talked about you, you’d be somewhere stretched out. Jen, I’m glad she is finding her voice and independence, and am ultra excited about her getting back into blogging. I hope everything works out with her and Consequence, that is a tough relationship to be in. Olivia and Raqi, keep trying.

With the closing of season 3 of Love and Hip Hop NYC, I am clutching my pearls for this super juicy new series “The Gossip Game” which aired its first episode on VH1 yesterday. Oh and I can’t wait to see LHHATL……

Here are some of my favorite clips: