Don’t Hate The Players Hate THE GAME

Ooooh…Look at that picture, as if it ain’t throwing enough shade! So last week the BET hit series The Game premiered its season opener and I was shocked at how extremely boring and random the first episode was. Now don’t get  me wrong, I’m am a huge fan of the series and have followed it for 5 seasons, but I think chemistry with the team was lost when Derwin and Melanie left the cast.

Clearly the premier episode did okay, as they raked in nearly 3 million viewers, but it is even more clearer that the show suffered a huge lost in fans as the previous year panned in over 5 million viewers for the season opener. In 2011, when the show first launched on BET, it was the highest viewed sitcom pulling in close to 8 million viewers on opening night. What is the reason for such a huge lost in viewers? I think we have grown to love the couple, who have went through a turbulent relationship and admire the wife Melanie has become. There were times I wasgame looking at Melanie, like that couldn’t be me, but at the same time I admired her for her strength and dedication. Derwin was a complete jerk at times, but underneath the facade we knew that he was a sweet gentle guy. I guess it’s always entertaining to me when you see “good” girls go bad, well at least on t.v, i’m really not that insensitive (lol).

I remember in the first season, Melanie was quite the christian….she seemed almost dippy to the extent that I really couldn’t take her seriously. But that goes to show how the “game” will change you; with money comes babies and drama. It’s all to familiar, especially with today’s relationships.

Three down, four more cast members to go. Well anyway, I”m going to give it another shot and watch tonight in hopes that the the orange gets squeezed very soon…I am not one for much unnecessary story lines, give me my drama! These new characters aren’t as convincing , which makes the show seem really fake. Well anyway, I’m tuning in tonight to catch the next episode since BET is ensuring its viewers that the scandals are coming.

Here are some of my favorite scenes throughout the seasons:

janay and derwin    Melanie-Barnett-and-Derwin-Davis-the-game-6326641-500-331 meganand teamowner  TheGame365Voice-5Derwin-Melanie-and-new-girl     The-Game-SE05-585x465