Young Hip Chic and NETWORKING!

1484256_10201290489799819_1352150206_nOn Sunday, December 15th, I attended the Walk the Talk 2013 Fashion event hosted by Founder Tweety Elitou. I’ve heard the stories of such amazing fashionistas coming together to network and share fashion secret, but hunty…I was in for a surprise.

First off, let me say Tweety Elitou is an amazing young entrepreneur and is definitely a fashionista. I was very impressed by her sense of professionalism and knowledge about the fashion industry, and she definitely deserve the award for “Fashionpreneur of The Year” for pulling off such an incredible networking event full successful and motivated attendees.

As I walked through the doors of Showroom 77, a notable independent designer showroom in South Philadelphia, I was greeted by her mommager Heather Elitou. As she grabbed my coat to store in the coat room, she says, “What’s your size?” My eye stretched wide as she handed me a black and white box along with a bag of goodies. I mean I been to several networking events, but none has ever given me a pair of shoes. I just knew my night was great at that point.

I mingled for a little and chat with some familiar faces and got a chance to meet some new faces as well. It’s always great when people can share goals and network with other who can help them along the way. On top of the mingling, the food was amazing! Shot out to the Young Cookanista who cooked up a delight array of finger foods and pasta, I just couldn’t stay away from pasta salad and plantains.  The event was very entertaining with journalist/blogger Syreeta Martin, of cohosting alongside Tweety. With the help of 3 little divas (Syreeta’s two daughter and Tweety sister), the night was filled with raffles tickets and prizes from Jackie’s Curls and Coil, L.A Shoe Republic, Sasha Marina Show, top shelf and many more.

You can bet if you ever attended a Walk the Talk you are sure to leave with great contacts, future goals and fabulous shoes and giveaways. Check out some photos of the event courtesy of Dawane Cromwell of Embacy Entertainment.


cohost, journalist/blogger Syreeta Martin alongside founder and host Tweety Elitou

Custom handmade jewelry from Chandra’s Jewelry

Mommyger Heather Elitou greeting me with shoes from Shoe Repulic LA and goodie bag full of beauty products.

Evening spread by Young Cookinista

blogger and creator of Philly Hajibi’s Killing It and I talked about the latest Hajibi fashion set to hit the runway this spring. Stay Tuned!


Syreeta and I always up to take a pic

All of my goodies I left with at the end of the night

All of the attendees at the Walk the Talk 2013

Lovely Encarnado canvas art piece given to the winner


Sincerely Syreeta

On Sunday, October 21st, thousands filled Eakins Oval on Ben Franklin Parkway near the Art Museum to join in the 26th Annual Aids Walk/Run Philly awareness and fundraising event. I’ve never participated in an event like this before so when I was presented with the opportunity to join YouthBuild Philadelphia Charter School’s team [a sub team of the ActionAids Organization), I jumped at the opportunity.

I’m not sure why I didn’t realize it but this required me to wake-up at like, 6:30 a.m. in the morning. I have two children and I’m still not a morning person so of course I was in the ultimate struggle to get up at 6:30 a.m. on Sunday morning. It literally got to a point where I had to remind myself–eyes closed and drool escaping my mouth–that this wasn’t about me or my rest, but about those who are greatly affected by this devastating disease and in need…

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Why are you stalking HER?

Come on! Am I really stalking a person if I visit their Twitter page over 10 times a day, or if I friend the friends of the person I so dearly admire?!?! Or what if I “Google” around to find any contacts that could get me just a step closer to voice I dream to hear? Call it crazy if you want, but thorough research is the foundation of a successful career.

Don’t knock what you never tried, and definitely never make judgement from the window; the only true way to success is to start on the path that has been imprinted with success. There is always somebody first at everything that experienced the challenges and have broken through the barriers so prosperity is more accessible for the dreamers who follow. Find that achiever who moves you to want to set milestones in your life and use them as a guideline to implement strategies of success in your own life; it’s not stalking, it’s called research. I have provided some tips below that have helped me get steps closer to my dream.

1. Start setting goals in your life. When it comes to a great career, nothing ever happens overnight; you need to really decide what YOU want YOUR purpose to be in your life and make it a happy profession. Take the time to draw out your steps to reaching your goal and cross them off as you achieve them.

2. Speak those things that are not as though they were. It may be a little rough in the beginning to get things started, but you must walk with faith and confidence. You have to know that you have the power to sell silence if it is presented and packaged well. Begin to carry yourself as a professional, which mean you need to act and dress like those in your playing field.

3. Everybody starts from the bottom. Get involved in your industry with an internship or volunteering with businesses that are similar to your goals. Pride is a big factor in whether you will have a successful career or not. Don’t ever feel like you are “too big to take an unpaid gig”. Sometime that’s what is needed to showcase your skills and ambition; besides you never know who is watching you!

4. Stalking is okay as long as it remains professional. Don’t be afraid to tweet an icon, or comment on some discussions and forums they may present. Engage with social media and initiate small conversation with strangers. The fact is, if you have something interesting to say, intrigued ears are eager to listen. Look at some of the activities your role model does and try to emulate them in your own way. As Rick Ross says “By any means necessary,” you have to want this so bad that you go to every angle to find hidden steps that get you to where you want to be.

5. Networking is the number one key to making the connections to the big people! Regardless of what point you are at in your life, have some networking card to share as you meet new people. Get out as much as you can and get involved in conferences and industry events. If you have to stalk your icon just to be in the same building as them, hey at least you are meeting people who may be associated with them in the process. The key is to meet people, which means when the business starts to take off, you are not chasing people, they are chasing you!

Feels good to have your own!

I am so happy that I can introduce myself to the world officially as a publicist and I am extra delighted that Michael Thomas has given me the motivation to have my own! One thing for sure, two things for certain I will leave my footprint in the industry.

You can look forward to great interviews from some of the best PR practitioners and entrepreneurs in the industry as well as some updates on what going in Fashion and Entertainment. You can rest assure that I will be bringing you updates on Faithful by Michael Thomas as it hits the celebrity mixes and just about anything I put my hands on.

Hope you enjoy! XOXO