About Me

Welcome to my blog and a window into who I am and what I do. I am a freelance publicist; a newbie to the industry; however not an amateur. I am actively seeking new clients who are ready to build or expand their brand to propel in the industry. I truly have a love for helping people succeed by promoting their business and reaching out to the public to generate excitement. Being a publicist can be frustrating and overwhelming at times, as some are unclear or unaware of the true roles of a publicist and what we choose to do out of passion. In all, it is a learning process and it’s all about building relationships, and my journey begins here….

The place that I am in today, I never imagined I would be. Growing up, I was discouraged from anything that involved entertainment. Raised by a strict christian grandmother, in a household of 3 children, I was barley allowed to watch t.v. let alone participate in anything artistic. As a young child, I had dreams of being a fashion designer, flaunting my collection alongside Badgley Bischka and Donna Karan on the runways in Paris; that dream was quickly dissolved. I was trained to believe that the only way to success was  a career as a doctor, lawyer, teacher or some other traditional job; little did I know there was another world awaiting my curious mind.

I graduated in 2008 from Temple University with a bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies, and soon after graduated from Full Sail University in 2011 with a master’s degree in Entertainment Business and since then I’ve been soaring like a caged bird discovering new heights. After graduation, I immediately jumped into the industry life as I felt deprived from my youth. I secured an internship in L.A. with Universal Music Publishing Group as a Sample Clearance intern. I had the privilege to work on clearing samples for Jay-Z and Kanye’s “Watch the Throne” and other major albums. Music publishing was intriguing to me, but wasn’t an exact fit. I met a lot amazing people and extraordinary entrepreneurs who gave me the inspiration to continue on my journey and stay motivated.  My passion is to be the cheerleader that helps to promote talent; whatever that meant. Switching lanes, I landed an internship in NYC at the Britto Agency under the phenomenal celebrity publicist Marvet Britto. Under her “hard-knock” mentorship, I developed my hustle and gift to market silence. Unlike the typical internship, I was given the tools and resources, but had to develop a way to use them on my own. At the Britto Agency, I had the privilege to develop brand campaigns for celebrities like the Knick’s baller Tyson Chandler, Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter Estelle, and BET’s T.J. Holmes to name a few.

Here I am today, completely in love with PR and all that it involves. Continuing in the footsteps of Ms. Britto and other influential entrepreneurs, I am striving to build a brand that exude professionalism, innovation, and cutting edge strategies. Thanks for taking the time to get to know a little about me, feel free to contact me or give me feedback on my blog. XOXO